SMEs plays a very crucial role in economic development of any country. In most of the counties SMEs constitute more than 90 % of all enterprise. Their importance can be gauged by the fact that leading and emerging economies such as china, Brazil, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka heavily relies on SMEs for economic growth. SMEs contribution to GDP in India is 50 % (, for china it is 58 % of GDP (, for NIGERIA 54 % to GDP (Guardian Article dated : 3 July 2018) and 53 % to GDP  in SIRILANKA (Sunday times dated : 23 June 2017). However for Pakistan, SMES contribution to GDP is 30 % and according to Gallup Cyber letter on SME dated: April 2004, SMEs contribution to Pakistan’s GDP is just 11 %, much lower than the aforementioned countries. This points to the challenge as well as great opportunity   

SMEs in context of Pakistan: Before stating important facts about SMEs in Pakistan, we must point to the fact that there is very little updated information about the dynamics of SMEs in Pakistan. Still whatever little we know, points to the important role that SMEs play in the economy and potential role that SMEs can play in the economic development of Pakistan    

According to recent study, SMEs account for 99 % of 3.2 million business enterprises of Pakistan. And with more than 400,000 manufacturing SMEs, export contribution is 25 % for manufactured goods and 78 % contribution to total industrial employment.

Challenges to SMES in Pakistan: Though SMEs in Pakistan are facing plethora of problems, we will mention below just 3 of the important barriers

·         Access to Finance

·         Getting a business site

·         Orders and Marketing of products

Role of Bulkistan:  Bulkistan aims to address the aforementioned barriers, starting with providing access to market. Thus initially we will address “Getting a business site” and “Orders and marketing of products”.

When it comes to access to finance, one of the major issue is lack of running finance which in turn give rise to stockiest and inefficiencies of trade value chain. We believe that atleast running finance problem can be resolved through percentage advanced payment from buyers and utilizing it as an input to manufacturing SMEs 

We believe in empowering our customers to conduct, expand and diversify their business.